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What Kind Of Contents Are Accepted?

BuzzMilo only accepts content which is related to these below topics.

  • Websites Alternatives.
  • Software Alternatives.
  • Apps, Games Alternatives. Like Andriod, PC, and Apple Mac.
  • Online Tools Alternatives.
  • Services.
  • Themes, Plugins, and CMS alternates.
  • Business ideas.
  • Top 10.


Rules for Writing:-

  1. The content must be original i.e. not copied from somewhere.
  2. Do not reproduce the same article somewhere else.
  3. The word limit of the article should not be less than 1200 words.
  4. No auto-generated content.
  5. In The Author bio, 2 links are acceptable.

What Will You Get ?

1) You are allowed to put your bio with 2 links. Social Media and Your Website link.

2) You can put a link to your article.

3) You will be exposed to our readers, subscribers thereby increasing your popularity.

How to Write:-

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