Google Drive Alternatives – 17 Best File Hosting Platforms Like Google Drive.

google drive alternatives
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Do you want to use another platform like Google drive to store your data? Here in this article, I summarized the top 17 best Google drive alternatives or similar platforms like Google drive.
Google drive is an online cloud storage platform for anyone offered by Google. It is very popular and very secure file hosting platform and it offers 15 GB per Google account. In case if you want to taste another great platform similar to Google Drive, We have arranged 17 tasty alternatives in this article so you can find the best one for yourself.

google drive alternatives
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What is Google Drive & Its Benefits?

Google Drive is a Free file hosting service provided by Google, With Google Drive, you can store 15 GB for free and you can upgrade to the monthly package when you need more space. Google Drive enables you to share data with friends and family or you can share with the public as well.

It is most recommended, popular and very secure cloud file storing platform in the world.

Google drive keeps your files saved from the virus files that’s why it always recommended storing zip files on google drive. Unfortunately, if a virus file or malware file detect then all your files will be automatically deleted and removed from your Google Drive account.

Google drive is available for MacOs. Windows, Andriod, and iOS.

You start using google drive today by creating new or using your existing Google account.

Google Drive Features: 
  • Google Drive is free for 15GB with Google Account.
  • It is secure, fast, and reliable file hosting service.
  • Virus and Malware checker for your files.
  • Save your Gmail attachments, explore the web with photos and videos directly in Google drive.
  • You will get 100GB storage with Chromebook for two years free.
  • Google drive fully works smarter with your files like Doc, sheets, slides, PDF, Google form and much more.

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Top 17 Best Google Drive Alternatives.

No. Name Go Link
1 Dropbox Dropbox Drive
2 Microsoft Onedrive Microsoft Drive
3 Box Drive Box Drive
4 SugarSync SugarSync
5 Tresorit Tresorit
6 pCloud pCloud
7 Apple Icloud Apple Icloud
8 Sync Sync
9 Amazon Cloud Drive Amazon Drive
11 4Shared 4Shared
12 ElephantDrive Elephantdrive
13 ownCloud ownCloud
14 Mediafire Mediafire
15 Cozy Cloud Cozy Cloud
16 FlipDrive FlipDrive
17 Yandex Disk Yandex Disk.



dropbox file storage
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The Dropbox is a very popular, powerful, secure and most loving cloud data storage platform. DropBox is a very useful cloud store platform for freelancers because it enables you to share your work with your company from around the globe. If you are an iPhone user then you will know how much struggle you have to do for downloading a song or a media file but with the help of DropBox, you can easily download the songs and media files into your iPhone by uploading your desired files in the dropbox.

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Web, Linux, Smart Phones.

Dropbox Features:
  • Dropbox is free and it gives you 2GB free storage you can make it more if you’re referring your friend to Dropbox. You can earn Up to 16GB.
  • You can store your project with any device like smartphones, laptop, desktop, and tablet.
  • Share your files.
  • You can work with your team through the collaborative workspace.
  • You can also make your files more beautiful for your clients with Showcase. 
  • Dropbox business let you organize your company in one place. The admin control lets you track, secure and access your teamwork.
  • It is the best Google drive alternative.

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Microsoft OneDrive

onedrive online free file storage
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OneDrive is one of the best Cloud Storage platforms for office employees because if you are an employee you might have a lot of work using Ms. Excel, Ms. Work, and PowerPoint then it is going to be very useful to you. One drive enables you to edit those files with the help of Ms office online which is totally free for every user of Onedrive. It Offers you 5 GB of free space and after that, you have to purchase more storage. OneDrive is Available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Onedrive is one of my favorite and respected online tool for storing files on the web, especially it is very helpful if you’re using Microsoft Windows. It helps in taking and saving screenshots, important files and data, and Office 365 use.

OneDrive Features:
  • Microsoft Onedrive provides 5GB of free online space for your files and data. It can be increased more if you refer your friends, family, and social media.
  • It is the best online file hosting for freelancers and businesses.
  • You can directly save your Office 365 online data in your Dropbox storage.
  • Offline access your files and data by using your phone, tablet, and pc.
  • The Onedrive also give you developer support like providing you API to implement Onedrive to your IT infrastructure.
  • It is a good alternative to google drive.

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Box Drive.

Box Drive
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It’s a well-known cloud file storage service called as Box, it offers you a free 10 GB of Data storage with a restriction of 250mb file upload. Once your free data limit will be expired you will no more able to use that drive, to reusing that drive you have to subscribe to the premium plans. The box is available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle Fire.


Platforms: MacOS, Andriod, Amazon Kindle, Windows OS, iOS.

Box Drive Features:
  • Free for 10GB Storage.
  • Secure file and data storing.
  • Available for MacOs, Andriod, Amazon Kindle, Windows, and iOS.
  • 250MB file uploading.
  • Edit and publish your files locally and it will go to the cloud automatically.
  • Easily share your files with the team by right click on the file.
  • And much more features.

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Yandex Disk.

yandex.disk best storage
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With the Yandex-Disk I get the best experience ever, It is the most powerful, easy interface, and secure online cloud file storage.

If you have most of your work with MS Office then Disk Yandex Is going to be a good option for you because it offers you an online Ms. Office Feature like Onedrive. The Yandex Disk offers a free and paid plan with many great features like file sharing, syncing and much more. You can easily get access to it by creating an account on its official website.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS Android, Windows Phone, Symbian.

Yandex Disk Features:
  • The Yandex disk provides you to upload your files and data with 10GB free storage.
  • It is my favorite cloud storage and online sharing tool.
  • Yandex-Disk is easy, powerful and very secure file hosting service.
  • You can take and save screenshots with Yandex-disk pc version.
  • You can also integrate office online with your Yandex disk to save your works.
  • And much more features.

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SugarSync a good cloud storage
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It is paid with a 30days trail the only reason it is listed over here, SugarSync is a leading name because it offers many great features like saving backups, File Hosting, File Sharing, and it also allows you to sync many devices as well. It is fully secured and trusted Cloud File Host that you can use without any tension.

The SugarSync is one of the simplest and fastest files and data syncing services we’ve ever seen.

Platforms: MacOS, iOS, Microsoft OS, Andriod.

SugarSync Features:
  • Automatic Backup folder on your computer.
  • Upload/ sync via email.
  • It is very secure and safe, you can share a folder with permission, password protected and many more.
  • 30 days free trial.
  • and much more.

Get Your SugarSync Now.


Tresorit best file hosting service
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If you run a big business with a lot of file sharing setup then Tresorit is the best option for you because it offers a fully end to end encrypted environment that’s why many big companies like Emirates, Allianz, Cannon, and Pfizer trust on it. It’s not free the reason I have listed it here is it is trusted by 10,000+ Companies and you can contact its support for a trial with a credit card.

Platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, Linux Android, macOS, iOS.

Tresorit Features:
  • Tresorit is the most secure file hosting services and they claimed that their service is tasted by 1000+ hackers.
  • You can control your files like by replacing risky email attachments, managed and revoke access anytime and restore hacked or deleted files anytime.
  •  Just like other cloud drives, it is also available for all respected devices and OS like MacOS, Windows, iPhone, and Andriod. Linux and blackberry as well.
  • 10,000+ businesses have chosen Tresorit to protect their data and files. Join them today.

Get Your Tresorit Now. 


Pcloud file server
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No one likes to delete their images because they mean to them. So that’s why they always carry a backup time by time but one day comes when their backup become bulky and messy and they get a lot of problems finding it. With Pcloud you don’t need any backup because the Pcloud offers you a Pictures Sharing cloud service which is Paid with a free trail save as many pictures you want and when your store is full you can easily upgrade. It Also offers a Music and Documents store with the same plan.

The Pcloud provides 10GB free space and you can get more by purchasing a suitable plan.

Platforms: iOS, MacOS, Windows, PC, Android, Linux.

Pcloud Features: 
  • 10GB Free disk space and you can increase it up to 500GB by referring your friends, family, and social media following.
  • The service provides unbreakable security for your files and data.
  • With the Pcloud, you can send, receive and work together with your team on every file.
  • You can save and access your files on the tablet, phone, and laptop anytime.

Get Your Pcloud Now.


Apple Icloud

icloud storage
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The Apple’s iCloud storage is, of course, the company’s file hosting solution aimed at Mac, iOS and iPad users. Much like every other cloud storage option, apps for PC and Mac are available, although iCloud is not available for Android users, however, they can use it with a web browser.

Apple cloud is just designed for Apple devices that enable you to take your backups or transfer your files and media to the new Apple device for free. Just suppose you bought a new iPhone and you have an old iPhone you can simply take backup from old iPhone and you can install it on your new iPhone that will make your new iPhone like your old iPhone for free.

It is also useful to save data, files, and media.

Platforms: MacOS, iOS, PC, Web.

  • Fast, Secure, and reliable service provided by Apple .inc.
  • You can store your data and files.
  • The iCloud also provides an ability to wirelessly back up of your iOS directly to iCloud.
  • iCloud also let you to share files with users by linking accounts via AirDrop wireless.
  • And so much more features.

Get Your iCloud Now.

Sync (File Hosting Service).

sync file hosting service
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It Offers you an end to end encrypted file storage that you can access from anywhere around the globe it offers you a 5GB of storage for free and after that, you can pay for more storage and you can sync as many devices with it. You can easily get access to Sync from any device without any restriction.

The Sync (Cloud Storage) makes it easy for you to store, share and access your files from just about anytime or anywhere you want.

Platforms: Sync storage is available for MacOS, iOS, Ipad,  Windows OS, Web, and Andriod.

  • Get 5GB free on Signup and get 1GB on every referral user.
  • The Sync file storage service allows in-house support for paid users.
  • You can share any files, quickly and fast just like other cloud storage services.
  • It keeps your files and data safe and secure with unbeatable security.
  • Sync provides you automatic backup, restore and sync.

Get Your Sync Now.


Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive file hosting
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Amazon Drive is a free cloud storage or file hosting service offered by a well know company Amazon. It also offers a Web Files Backup with a premium plans Amazon drive is very useful Cloud Hosting platform for file hosting. Amazon Offers you a very fast service that makes the download very fast.

This powerful cloud storage platform offers secure file storage, file backup, file restoring and data sharing with an Amazon account.

Platforms: Web, Microsoft Windows OS, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, MacOS, iOS, IPad, and Andriod.

  • 5GB storage Free on signup with an Amazon account.
  • The Amazon Drive provides free unlimited photo storage with an Amazon Prime purchase or a Kindle Fire purchase.
  • Secure file storage.’
  • $11.99/per year plan.
  • And much more.

Get Your Amazon Drive Now.
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Mega.NZ is powerful, secure and very useful cloud storage or files hosting service by Mega limited.

The service is available for web browsers, Android, Windows OS, iOS, and MacOS. is known for its tight file protection and security feature where all files and data are locally end-to-end encrypted before they are uploaded to the storage.


  • Get 50GB free storage on signup.
  • High security for your files.
  • Google Chrome and Firefox extensions to reduce loading time, improve download performance and tight security.
  • Invite peoples and friends to get 10GB more on every referral signup.
  • Install mobile apps and get 15GB more free space.

Get Your Now.


4shared file hosting service
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4Shared is a great, powerful and reliable file sharing and file hosting service offer 15GB of storage to store your data and files in a secure way.

It offers you a free cloud hosting for your files but if you have a large file then you need to use the paid plans that are offered by 4share. 4Share also offers you upload to earn because it shows ads on your download page. 4Shared offers you a Free and premium package.

Platforms: The 4shared is available for Windows OS, Mac, iOS, iPad, and Andriod.

  • 15GB free space on the first registration and offer 2GB of maximum upload.
  • Ads free on paid plans.
  • You can zip and preview zip online.
  • 4Shared can help you to transfer files online.
  • Supported by top respected operating systems.
  • File backups and restore files.
  • And much more features.

Get Your 4Shared Now.

ElephantDrive (Paid)

ElephantDrive great cloud services
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It’s a professional cloud disk that offers you to store your backups and files. With the help of ElephantDrive, you can save your backups on the cloud drive. You can share folders and files and it offers you a 2Gb upload limit per file. If you have updated an old file with new and you need that old file back then it can be very useful for you because it also offers you deleted files back with premium plans.

Platforms: Web, Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, PC, iOS, Mac. 

ElephantDrive Features:
  • Sync your files anywhere on any device just like other cloud file hosting services.
  • View, Share, Download your files on any device.
  • Restore your old versions or deleted files or data.
  • 1TB storage only for $9/Month/.
  • And much more.

Get Your ElephantDrive Now.


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ownCloud is a free open source cloud file hosting service that offers you a limited disk space after that you have to upgrade to a paid plan. The OwnCloud offers you an End to end encryption that will never let your data leaked or hacked. OneCloud offers you a very fast responding service and a Support on every premium plan. You can access it from anywhere any time there is no restriction.

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Andriod, and Linux.

  • OwnCloud is free open source file hosting services.
  • Transfer your data from any cloud storage to Owbncloud in minutes.
  • High-security features to protect your data.
  • Over 1100 contributors have contributed with OwnCloud.
  • Sync and share data with your team and friends just like other drives.
  • Explore more features with Owncloud Enterprise.

Get Your OwnCloud Now.


mediafire file and data hosting service
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Mediafire is a very well known downloading service on which you can host your files and you can provide links to your clients to download files. Many of Software companies use MediaFire Download Server as their official download server because it is very easy to use and it is secure more than the others.

The Mediafire also provides client application for Microsoft OS, MacOs, iOS, Andriod, Blackberry 10, web browser and Linux.

  • Mediafire provides 50GB free storage on signup.
  • You can increase storage up to 40GB more by doing various activities like installing mobile apps, client downloading and sharing on social media.
  • Mediafire offers 1TB storage for only $2.50/per month.
  • Both public and private file sharing supported by Mediafire.
  • No wait time in the download.
  • Share downloads through email, social media, and links.
  • Mediafire Always works for fast and secure downloads.

Get Your MediaFire Now.

Cozy Drive.

Cozy Drive
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It is the most simple file storage service that hosts your data on France servers powered by the largest web services provider OVH. It is also featured on TechCrunch Because of its super cool features. Cozy Offers a free and paid plan.

Cozy can help you store your personal data, pictures, bank, holiday plans, manage contacts and much more.


  • 5GB Free space.
  • Cozy can help you to Save your important files and data and keep them in a secure place in your Cozy drive.
  • Cozy is available for different platforms and you can access your files and documents online and offline anywhere and anytime.
  • And much more.

Get Your Cozy Drive Now.


filedrive best drive
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FlipDrive is an excellent open source drive to store your files, data, pictures, and contacts. 

It is a very secure cloud space storage platform to help you with 10GB Free online file saving storage.

Your file will be available to you anywhere and anytime you want. The flip drive is available for all respected and major platforms like Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPad, and Andriod.

  • 10GB free on signup.
  • Great features in the premium version.
  • Securely store your files, photos and data online.
  • You can share easily any file to your client, friends, and social media.
  • You can take backup of your files.
  • Bookmark web pages.
  • And Much more features.

Get Your Flip Drive Now.

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