IDM Alternatives – 12 Best Downloader Like IDM

IDM Alternatives Best Internet Download Manager Alternatives
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Are you looking for similar or idm alternatives software for your pc to download fast, secure and reliable like Internet downloading manager?

Here are Top 10 alternatives to Internet Download Manager (IDM) that you can use to download the files from the internet in the same way as IDM does it.

IDM alternatives are listed below with their free full version downloading links.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one amongst the most effective resource to download things from the web, quicker and safer. It boosts the download speed by up to five times. If your laptop were accidentally shutdown, the web connection lost or the other problem while downloading by that your download wouldn’t be ready to continue, then IDM provides you the flexibility to resume those downloads simply.

If you’re trying to search out different download managers out there on the web then there may be a list of IDM Alternatives of web alternative Manager.

IDM Alternatives Best Internet Download Manager Alternatives
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Here is the List Of Free (Internet Download Manager) IDM Alternatives.

You can download them by just clicking on the download links. There will be no pop-ups, ads etc on the back side of these download links. Download your required software and Enjoy.


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1: JDownloader.

jdownloader best alternative to idm
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It is a free, unique and powerful open-source download management tool with a large community of developers that makes internet downloading as fast and straightforward as it should be.

JDownloader is an excellent IDM like a choice for downloading things from the internet. As I they have an extensive list of developers who work on Downloader and create downloads as quickly as they ought to be.

Same like web download Manager you’ll be able to begin, pause, resume, and stop downloads. You’ll be able to schedule your downloads additionally and might save bandwidth if you use a restricted web device. It makes the downloads up to 100 pc quicker and saves your precious time.

If you want to download this downloading software, click below button.

Go To JDownloader Website.


2: Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

dap image
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Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is an excellent option after Internet Download Manager (IDM) which offers the almost same features as IDM. DAP offers you the quick acceleration on every download with a complete set of download tools. DAP have created it even easier to download things quicker, sander and safer. Explore all the features of DAP, download the newest version of DAP by clicking the button below and see why over 293 million users are using DAP as there internet downloads management.

If you want to download DAP, click below button.

Go To DAP Website.

3: Ninja Internet Download Manager (NDM).

ninja download manager
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NDM (Ninja internet download manager) is great, fast, secure and elegant downloading manager for Windows and MacOS.

The NDM is a great Web download manager & accelerator, which can boost download speed amazing. The software can also let you resume and restart discontinued or previously closed downloads.

NDM operates to fast and improved up your downloads by dividing each of the files into shorter, more flexible parts. Then your files will download quicker.

The Ninja Download manager has a fresh and cool looking user interface.

If you want to download Ninja, Then go to below website.

Go To NDM Website.

4: Free Download Manager (FDM).

free download manager (fdm)
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FDM is a powerful, modern, and excellent download accelerator and organizer for Windows users and MacOs users.

FDM for MacOs and WindowsOS lets you focus traffic usage, organize your file downloads, control file preferences for torrents, efficiently download huge files and resume or continue broken and stopped downloads.

Free Download Manager can increase all your downloads speed up to 10x, process media files of many popular formats, drag and drop URLs right from an internet browser as well as together download multiple data and files.

Go To FDM Website.

5: Download Accelerator Manager (DAM).

Download Accelerator Manager
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Download Accelerator Manager (DAM) change enable to download not solely internet files however additionally web media files from such preferred sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc at software speed. DAM is one amongst the most effective downloading package like IDM to grab videos and audio music’s from a webpage. It works in all major net browsers. DAM is blazingly quick, clean and easy to use.

To download DAM click the button right over here:

Get Download Accelerator Manager

6: Internet Download Accelerator 6.17.

Internet Download Accelerator 6.17
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One more alternative to Internet Download Manager (IDM) is Internet Download Accelerator software for your laptop to reinforce the download speed on every download perceptibly.

The acceleration is achieved by splitting the file into a lot of elements and download them at the same time bit by bit during a few minutes. You’ll be able to additionally resume your broken downloads, start, pause and stop the downloads on one click action. You’ll be able to also target the URL to download things from a webpage. If you wish to use internet download Accelerator click the button below.

Go To IDA Website.

7: Orbit Downloader.

Orbit Downloader is basically an excellent download manager and it has proven to a great IDM alternative, it aims to download video/music/files from the foremost standard social media sites like Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare, etc. It makes the overall downloading even easier, quicker and safer to all or any number of good key options by Orbit Downloader:

Key Features.

  • Download files simply from a webpage
  • Download music, video, and streaming media from social media sites
  • Fast acceleration to download
  • Its Supports RapidShare download
  • Orbit also Supports all major browsers
  • Supports Metalink to focus on a download
  • Supports protocol, HTTPS, MMS, FTP, RTSP and RTMP protocols
  • Proxy server configuration is offered
  • Support download pause and resume
  • General download management

Get Orbit Downloader.

8: FreeRapid Downloader.

FreeRapid Downloader
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FreeRapid Downloader is offered for Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc. Stop bearing the default lazy downloading and take a look at one thing distinctive. It’s a Java-based mostly downloader and aims to download things from Rapidshare, Facebook, Youtube, and different file-sharing services. FreeRapid Downloader permits you to add specific links to transfer by merely adding the link during this software’s add URL possibility.

Get FreeRapid Downloader.

9: FlashGet Downloader.

FlashGet is that the best download manager to download the things from the internet into your laptop quicker, safer and clean from malware, spyware, etc. you’ll be able to decision anti-virus cleaner once finishing the installations of FlashGet Downloader to clean bugs which will exist within the laptop. It boosts the downloading speed by up to 6-10 times.

Get FlashGet Downloader.

10: Go! Zilla Downloader.

Go! Zilla Downloader
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Go! Zilla improves your internet downloading speed on full tilt, Go! Zilla download manager and download accelerator software are for Windows. Here are some key options by Go! Zilla Software:

Key options

  • You will see what files are ongoing and what files have finished
  • Get a file from many servers quickly for quicker download speeds
  • Resume previous downloads file if your web had lost connections, crashes, reboots, last time
  • Works among your web browser to create downloading simply
  • Quickly grab batches of files from an online website, FTP server, or even a podcast
  • Includes download technology used by uncountable individuals everywhere the globe to download Billions of files
  • Supports protocol, FTP, BitTorrent, HTTPS, FTPS protocols; and every one major web browsers
  • Works with any internet connection: modem, Wireless, DSL, Cable or the rest.

Get GO! Zilla Downloader.

11: Mipony Download Manager.

Mipony Download Manager
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Mipony is a completely free alternative to internet download manager software and designed to download files from free hosting web pages like Fileserve, Rapidshare, Hotfile etc. With Mipony download manager, you don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding managing your downloads. Mipony takes care of your every download.

Get Mipony Downloader.

12: GetRight Download Manager.

GetRight Download Manager.
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With the GetRight need to Manager schedules, resumes and accelerates your downloads. You don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding your net connection with failing within the middle of the download. GetRight has been a pacesetter and a pioneer among different download manager software.

Get GetRight Downloader

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