Teamviewer Alternatives – 10 Best Alternatives to Teamviewer

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Teamviewer is a Free Software that allows us to Remotely use our Computer from anywhere around the globe. No matter if you are in Uk using your computer from France it is possible.

Teamviewer is good at RDP but for some of us it fails to fulfill our needs that’s why we always look for some good alternatives.

Here in this post, you will see some Best TeamViewer Alternatives that really deserve to be better then TeamViewer in somehow means.

Below you will see some Free and paid Alternatives to TeamViewer that worths to be listed here,

Without further ado let’s begin!

Free TeamViewer Alternatives

Everyone loves free stuff, Right! that’s why we have collected some good maybe best free alternatives to TeamViewer.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop
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Chrome Remote Desktop lets users to remotely enter a different computer through Chrome browser.

A computer can be accessed for Remote support or for using Remote application with the help of chrome remote desktop


  • Supports all Platforms
  • Low Ping Service
  • Super Fast Servers
  • Lite and Powerfull


no machine
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The Name Describes the service, With the help of NoMachine, you can access a Computer Remotely Without being at the place where a computer exist.

The best thing about NoMachine is it’s one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer Because it’s totally Lag free and it’s faster than TeamViewer.


  • Supports Live Recording
  • Audio/Video Stream Possible
  • Less Lag
  • Free Individuals Licence

Parallels Access

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With parallels, you can Use your Computer from really far away with a high-speed connection. It is an RDP Software Which is super, Extremely fast.

One of the best Team Viewer alternative.


  • User-Friendly
  • Includes Free Supports
  • Lag Free
  • Fast Servers


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Supremo Allows to Remotely Access Computers from anywhere around the world, It has a Fast service which is lag less.

A Better Alternative to Teamviewer for those who suffer from slow service of TeamViewer.


  • Configuration Free Installation
  • Modern Interface
  • Address Book Included
  • Easy to Understand


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It Allows us to Remote Support and Uses Remote desktop. A Good alternative to Teamviewer with a week free trial that why it is listed in Free.

HD Quality of Support to Clients and Users.


  • HD Quality Conference
  • Easy to Understand
  • Fast and lag Free
  • Portable Version Available

Bomgar Remote Support

bombar RDP
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Designed for technicians, With Bomgar Remote Support you can provide remote Support to your clients. It’s as Cross-Platform Software.

Its a good alternative for those who are tired with TeamViewer Security issues.


  • Password Access possible
  • High-End Security
  • 3rd party Integrations
  • All Os Supported Even Chrome Os

Paid TeamViewer Alternatives

Running a Business or Looking for something professional that means you are ready to pay for a software that’s why we have collected some paid alternatives to TeamViewer.


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AnyDesk is a paid RDP Service that allows users to access their device from any desk from around the world, Its allows the user to Record the Sessions and also do the live stream of the session.

AnyDesk is #1 Alternative to Teamviewer in paid Category. It has many useful features that can make your daily life easier.


  • Lightest RDP Software
  • Lowest Ping
  • #1 Best RDP access Software
  • Free Version has no restrictions
  • Rich Software
  • Cross-Platform Software

Lite Manager

lite manager
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Lite Manager is a Paid RDP software that allows the user to use devices from around the globe easily and without lag.

Its a Good alternative to Team Viewer.


  • Easy to Understand UI
  • Text, Audio, Video Supported
  • Lite and Powerfull
  • Free & Paid (Depends on User Needs)


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It’s a Secured and protected RDP Solution, Its a Paid Software with many Rich Features that only comes with LogMeIn. A Good Alternative to Teamviewer if you a looking in paid category.


  • Easy to Install
  • Drag/Drop Uploads
  • Allows to Record Sessions
  • Less Lag

ConnectWise Control

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It is a Self Hosted RDP Service that allows users to remotely access PC from around the world. Has Variety of cool features. 4 paid Plans are out there.


  • Flexible paid plans
  • Unlimited unattended access
  • Seamless 3rd party integration
  • Available on Linux & Windows

Wrap Up!

I Hope you Liked the Post.

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