Twitch Alternatives – 7 Best Alternatives to Twitch For Online Game Streaming

7 Best Twitch TV ALternatives
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Twitch is one of the leading names when it comes to stream game on the internet, On twitch you have a channel and a fan following.

Online Game Streaming is very popular in 2019 its almost like a need for the market, A Majority of Gamers Stream on a Widely famous platform Called Twitch.

Twitch gained its fame because of the cool User Experience however some of the gamers don’t like twitch and they are always in search of some really good alternatives!.

We Started a Search on Twitch and found that there are only 7 best alternatives to twitch that deserves to list.

7 Best Alternatives to Twitch

After Searching and testing some Online game Streaming Services we came up with only 7 best alternatives o twitch so without making more suspense lets get into it.

All the Alternatives we are about to list below are very awesome and we can assure you these alternatives will fulfill your needs.

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#1 YouTube Gaming

We All know that Youtube is ranked #2 as the search engine and #1 for Videos Search Engine, Youtube is one the biggest platform for Content Creators and many more.

As we all know that there was a need from the start days for an Official gaming section on Youtube so Google decided to launch a platform for gamers.

Youtube Launched a Platform Called “Youtube GAMING” that is specially built for gamers and Streamers, Like a twitch, it has many awesome features and functionalities.

Youtube Gaming is one of the best platforms for Streaming games right after twitch, Now it might knock your head that if twitch is a good platform then why anyone would go to Youtube? The answer is simple my friend Twitch is not working globally at the moment and if we talk about youtube its is everywhere except China!


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#2 Mixer (Formerly Beam)

It is one of the best alternatives to twitch tv right after youtube gaming because this platform is completely for gamers/streamers.

It has a really cool UI and you will never look behind to twitch if you are going to switch to the mixer.

The best part about Mixer is you can make money with stream monetization directly from the mixer streams.


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#3 UStream

It a Video broadcasting and Streaming platform which is formally known as IBM Cloud Video, On us Stream you can broadcast/Stream your gaming videos.

It is a good alternative to twitch tv however it not for gamers but still, it works well!.


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It is a web Streaming Platform that has a separate section for the gaming community, It is a Really good platform for gamers who want to stream their gameplay.

The best part about Smartcash TV is that they have really fast and responsive servers and playback speed.


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#5 Mirrativ

It’s a Broadcasting App that allows anyone to stream anything, The reason to list Mirrativ here is if you are targeting 100% Audience from mobile wold then this is going to be the best service out there.


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#6 Periscope

If you want to target the mobile audience then this is going to the best platform for you because they have the majority of their audience from the mobile devices and they are making this platform day by day better.

Honestly speaking it is not good as twitch but still, it works fine.


Facebook Watch
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#7 Facebook Watch

Facebook is a very famous Social Networking platform out there these days almost everyone is on Facebook.

If you are a content creator then you can use Facebook watch for uploading your videos and if you are a gamer then you can stream and upload gaming videos.

It’s not a perfect platform for gamers but still, it works and you wanted an alternative.

Final Words

I hope you found a good alternative to Twitch.

If We Missed any best Twitch alternative Please let us know in the comments below.

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