Whatsapp Alternatives – Top 10 Best Messenger Like WhatsApp

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Are you looking for best and better WhatsApp alternatives or WhatsApp like messenger apps?

WhatsApp is the best messaging App that is described as a cross-platform messaging application available on Andriod, Apple AppStore, Blackberry, Windows Phone Store, Amazon App store, and desktop.

whatsapp alternatives free and best apps like whatsapp
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Why we need WhatsApp alternatives if its the best messaging app?

As I said above that WhatsApp is the best messaging app you can install on almost every device so why do we need an alternative to it? Honestly, WhatsApp tried itself to be the best but they didn’t because WhatsApp drains the battery very fast and there is a big lack of privacy and security but no doubt it says we offer end to end encryption.

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1. Viber

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Viber is free to download a cross-platform messaging application that allows users to make free calls, send texts, pictures and video messages to other Viber users. It works on both mobile and computer and can be used to connect with people around the world. Viber doesn’t drain the battery to fast as compared to the WhatsApp that’s why urs the best WhatsApp alternatives.


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There was a time when line and WhatsApp were competitors but WhatsApp was loved more than line that why all the people diverted to Whatsapp but still some people use line because they love line because of its cool features such as Free Voice & Video Calls thousands of emotions and you can create a group as WhatsApp and it is also a cross-platform app you can install it on almost every device.

3. WeChat

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WeChat is a well known Messaging app and it is also known as a Chinese version of Whatsapp because this is almost the same as WhatsApp with the same features. Chinese avoid WhatsApp because they are more comforted with WeChat. WeChat is not only a messaging app it also offers a free calling around the globe. It is a Cross-Platform application and can be installed on every device.

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4. Google ALLO

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Google Allo has all the features that any messaging app comes with but the question is whats better in Google ALLO. For those with extensive document-sharing needs, Google ALLO allows you to share many Documents (.pdf, .docs, .apk, .zip, and .mp3) with your Contacts that’s why it is better than WhatsApp and it comes with an AI Assistant it can even tell you joke it offers a High-Quality Video and Audio Calls on the Go.

5. Hangouts

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Hangouts is a Messaging and Calling app that offers free video and audio calls around the globe totally free there are few fewer features in Google hangouts but its best because you can make call to a local phone number at very low cost because its an application from google you get a full secured experience with a privacy that you can’t get in WhatsApp that’s why its better than Whatsapp. It’s a cross-platform application and it’s totally free.

6. IMO

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IMO is a well know Messenging app a great alternative to WhatsApp. Because if offers Free messaging Voice and Vudei calls and the quality of video call is very awesome. You can switch to IMO now because it is one of the best alternatives for those who are tired of WhatsApp and want to switch to something else.

7. Telegram

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Telegram is a Good messaging app which is quite popular in India, Ethiopia, and Iran but due to some security issue is being blocked by some countries. But still its good messaging apps similar to WhatsApp and it’s better than WhatsApp. Because it is very fast service offers many free features you cant think of. It’s a cross-platform application available on every device for free. You can give a try to telegram and believe me you will love it.

8. Skype

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Skype is the best video and audio calling app because it’s in the industry for the last 15 years. It’s serving its best as a Chating app but after these cool messaging app came in the MARKET Skype has developed a lot. Now its a proper Messaging apps Offer paid and Free Audio call and free High-quality video calls around the globe totally free. I know some people will say that skype still uses an old crappy UI/UX. But believe me, skype is better than every messaging and calling app out in the industry.

9. Kik Messenger

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Kik is a messing app developed by a Canadian company. The Kik offers free video and audio calls and free messaging service. It a good alternative for people who don’t like WhatsApp anymore. They can give a try to this free Canadian messaging app today it is available on Android and IOS Devices.

10. Signal

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Using Signal, you can communicate immediately while avoiding SMS charges. You can build groups so that you can chat in real time with all of your friends or family at once, and share media data or files all with total privacy.

The server never has the path to any of your communication and never saves any of your data. If you need more privacy then you must use signal chat now. The signal is available for Andriod, Desktop, and iOs.

Final Word’s

I created this list of 10 best WhatsApp alternatives because some of the people don’t like WhatsApp. But they want a better app then WhatsApp. So that’s why I did a research finding the best alternative to WhatsApp, and I found these 10 as the best I know there are a lot more apps out in the market but the reason behind picking.

These apps were that these can fulfill you as WhatsApp does if you know a better app then these please comment below.

None of these apps has been sponsored by their respective owners every app is hand-picked because of its uniqueness and features.

Thank You!

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